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About Tom

Tom Jordan

Hello web visitor and welcome to my personal website 🙂

Somewhat unsurprisingly my name is Tom Jordan. I’m 41 and I live in the UK. Most of the time I’m in London but you can sometimes find me in Brighton.

I’m a self-made businessman and entrepreneur who fell in love with computers and the internet at a young age and has since spent an awful lot of time designing, building and making things work in cyberspace.

My main business is Acknowledgement.  This started life in 2003 as a digital marketing agency doing brand, online advertising, design and technical build work for other agencies and previous employers and then, as our reputation grew, for our own direct clients.

For the first three years I ran the business whilst holding down day jobs at employers including AOL, Campus Group (then part of MAMA) and Tangozebra (now Google). I won, specified and managed the projects and used friends and freelancers I knew to design, write and code.  It meant an awful lot of phone calls in cupboards, clandestine meetings with my own clients before, during or after the regular working day, very early starts, very late finishes and a shed load of work every evening and every weekend.  I loved every single minute of it! Plus I learnt an awful lot.

In 2006 I was able to take Acknowledgement full time, employ some people and get an office. 14 years later we’re still around and still doing what we love.  We design, build and operate robust customer centric & business critical software for clients big and small.  We’ve recently branched out into SaaS and we still do a lot of branding, design, UX and consultancy work.  Our latest venture is Malcolm! – a customer service SaaS product.

Outside of Acknowledgement I’m involved in a talent management company called Recognition.  I also own & day-to-day manage a small portfolio of residential and commercial property most of which is located in Clerkenwell, London.

I used to blog for a relatively brief period during my University days and had another go around 2010/2011 but then, like a lot of other people, I gave up as I never seemed to have the time and everyone seemed to be migrating to saying less more often (aka micro blogging) via the various social media platforms.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older or maybe it’s because these things are cyclical but I’ve been thinking for a while that I quite fancy the idea of writing long form content again.

So here it is, my same old brand new rebooted and reimagined website, brimming with potential but (as I write this in May 2018) somewhat lacking in content.  Let’s see how I get on!